New chairman of the board - Allan RosetzskyAllan Rosetszky

Allan Rosetzsky has now been appointed chairman of the board in Hepoligo Solutions.








  Allan Rosetzsky

New member of the board - Allan Rosetzsky


Allan Rosetzsky is MD from Copenhagen University and consultant in general medicine and surgery. After 8 years in the clinic he joined Rhône-Poulenc (now Sanofi-Aventis) for 14 years first as Nordic Medical Director later as World Wide Medical Director based in the head quarters in Paris for 5 years responsible for clinical operations in development and medical affairs for all products including medical evaluation in connection with license opportunities. 
He founded the Contract Research Organization KLIFO in 1994 which became operational in eight countries. KLIFO was sold to a Danish investor group in 2007. He then joined the start up protein expression company Expres2ion Biotechnologies as Business Angel in 2010 and was fulltime operational in the company during the set-up period. The company had its Initial Public Offering at NASDAQ First North in Stockholm in July 2016 and the stock has gone through a very positive development since.
Allan Rosetzsky is conversant with the pharmaceutical industry top management and speaks their language (English, French, German and Scandinavian)   













Hepoligo mentioned in “Dansk Kemi” as a promising innovative Danish chemical research start-up (9/6/2016)

In the editorial of the June issue of the Danish journal “Dansk Kemi” - that covers chemical research both in the industry and academia – Hepoligo is highlighted as a role model for innovation in the heparin area. The editorial written by Prof Mikael Bols, head of the chemistry department at the University of Copenhagen, emphasizes the great potential chemical research has for developing new ideas in to commercially successful companies.









New therapeutic uses of heparins expected to drive market growth (1/6/2016)

A recent market report by Technavio describes how the heparin market is expected to surpass $5 billion by 2020. The use of heparin as an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent will result in market growth according to their forecast. This underlines the importance of developing new synthetic strategies for making heparin-like oligosaccharides with optimised properties for targeting an array of diseases. Synthetic heparins can be tailored to have much more specific therapeutic effects and in this setting Hepoligo with their experience will be at the forefront of development.

Hepoligo giving a seminar on heparin oligosaccharides at the University of Copenhagen (19/4/2016)

Our chief scientific officer, Steen Uldall Hansen, has been invited to give a talk at Department of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen. The title of the talk is “Synthesis of Heparin Oligosaccharides: Faster, Higher, Stronger” and will highlight the capabilities we have at Hepoligo Solutions in creating new faster and higher yielding processes for making heparin oligosaccharides with medicinally stronger activity. The talk will be held on Friday 13th of May at 2:15 pm at Universitetsparken 5, HCØ, Building C, Floor 3, Room C305.

New domain for Hepoligo (30/3/2016)

Hepoligo Solutions Aps has registered Hepoligo as an official truncated company name. This also means our web page now has moved to a new domain ( But for the foreseeable future traffic from the old domain will automatically be redirected. Also email addresses have changed so please use the following for contacting us: Steen Uldall Hansen ( or Tom Koch Svennesen (


Hepoligo Solutions move to their own labs (1/2/2016)

Hepoligo SEnstedLab1olutions Aps has now established a working lab in Aabenraa, Denmark. The facilities are located in the laboratory of the former power plant in Ensted (now owned by Aabenraa Industrihavn) and houses state of the art labs and offices. The spacious lab includes an excess of fume hoods and thus enable excellent conditions for developing chemical processes and potential for expanding the company.

New chairman of the board (13/1/2016)

Gustaf Iuel-Brockdorff from Syddansk Innovation has been appointed as the new chairman of the board. Gustaf has an extensive experience working with innovative start-ups since 2004 and further has a M. Sc. degree in chemistry.

Worlds longest synthetic sugar (3/11/2015)

A world record breaking 40 saccharide units heparin-like polysaccharide was made by Hepoligo Solutions own chief scientific officer Steen Uldall Hansen.  The new synthetic process developed by one of our employees promises to open new horizons in the field of carbohydrate based drugs. For the first time such long saccharides can be made in scalable quantities and high purity. The achievement underlines Hepoligo Solutions capabilities in providing unique solutions in the difficult area of heparin oligosaccharide synthesis.
Fig. 1  Chemical synthesis (a) using basic saccharide building blocks (b) yields well defined synthetic polysaccharide (c) with 40 sugars. 
The method was developed while working at the University of Manchester and is highlighted in Chemistry World and published in the November issue of the journal Chemical Science.

Gram scale synthesis of heparin oligosaccharides (18/9/2015)

A significant jump in scale in the synthesis of heparin oligosaccharide 12-mers has been developed by Hepoligo Solutions own chief scientific officer Steen Uldall Hansen. A new efficient process has enabled the production of gram quantities of biologically important heparin-like oligosaccharides. This for the first time allows in vivo testing of synthetic heparin-like oligosaccharides. This promises new exciting developments in the area of synthetic heparin products as pharmaceuticals.
The method was developed while working at the University of Manchester and published in the journal Chemical Communications.

Collaboration with PR-lab (1/8/2015)

Hepoligo Solutions Aps announces a collaboration with PR-lab enabling us to use their laboratory facilities near Sønderborg, Denmark. The facilities provided by PR-lab include fume hoods, lab equipment and analytical equipment to enable excellent conditions for developing chemical syntheses.



Tom Koch Svennesen & Steen Uldall Hansen

Hepoligo Solutions Aps (14/11/2014) 

We are now officially registered as a new startup company specializing in the synthesis of carbohydrate drugs. The company is based in Aabenraa, Denmark, and co-owned by Steen Uldall Hansen and Tom Koch Svennesen.