Tom Koch Svennesen & Steen Uldall Hansen

Welcome To Hepoligo Solutions Aps.



Carbohydrate-based drugs have the potential to become an increasing feature of the pharmaceutical scene in the 21st century. We are developing scalable and more cost effective processes for making heparin derivatives like the anti-coagulant drug Fondaparinux. We are currently focussing on developing a new process for the production of Fondaparinux, which could half the synthetic steps when making key building blocks and significantly increase the overall yield. We also make derivatives for oligosaccharide synthesis and plan to offer a range of products in the near future.






Our investment partner SYDDANSK INNOVATION A/S

Syddansk Innovation invests capital in new business ideas with commercial potential and considerable technological contents within the areas of industrial technology, product development and information technology. Investments are placed in the early phases of the projects – the preseed and the seed phase – whilst working with capital and venture companies to secure further necessary financing. For further information please check